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Good To Go Test exclusively uses McMaster Molecular Medium™, which in simple terms is the liquid or fluid inside the transport tube that is analyzed in the lab for the potential detection of Covid-19.  It is temperature stable and can maintain coronavirus samples for up to 14 days, significantly longer than other media.  McMaster Molecular Media (or MMM as it is referred to) inactivates – kills – the virus while preserving the viability of the bacteria during transport.  As a result, it is safer for the technicians testing the sample as they are not dealing with live viruses.

Bay Area Health Trust, a Hamilton, Ontario based company has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for the McMaster Molecular Medium (‘MMM’) with McMaster University.  MMM was developed by researchers from McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Disease Diagnostics and Development Group and will enable labs to safely increase their COVID testing capacity and therefore returning results faster.

Good To Go Test is operated by Bay Area Health Trust.

About Bay Area Health Trust

Bay Area Health Trust operates Life Science businesses with the goal of returning value to its beneficiaries, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and McMaster University.  Bay Area Health Trust promotes entrepreneurship and invests in growth-oriented businesses to support patient care.

McMaster Molecular Medium is a trademark of McMaster University used under license.

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